Nail Bar

Heavenly Hands Manicure | £39 - 55 MINS
A luxurious hand and nail treatment including; file, cuticles, exfoliation, massage, hydrating mask with heated mitts and polish application. 

Fantastic Feet Pedicure | £39 - 55 MINS
A luxurious foot treatment for the lower leg, foot and toenails including; file, cuticles, foot scrub and rasp, foot and lower leg massage, hydrating mask with heated boots and polish application. (Please bring open toe shoes).

Shellac Heavenly Hands or Fantastic Feet | £49 - 10 MINS

Shellac Manicure or Pedicure | £36.50 - 45 MINS
File, cuticles and Shellac application

Express Manicure | £27 - 25 MINS
For hands; file, cuticles and polish application. 

Express Pedicure | £27 - 25 MINS
For feet; file, cuticles and polish application.

File and Polish | £18 - up to 25 MINS
File and polish for hands or feet. 

File and French Polish | £19.50 - up to 25 MINS
A French file and polish for the hands or feet.

Gel Polish Removal | £11 - up to 15 MINS

Please be aware we only remove thin gels

Callus Peel
Do you wish you had  super soft feet? The callus peel is a 4 step treatment for dry skin, callus and cracked heels. It is safe, hygienic and painless. It takes a mere 20 minutes to take your feet from zero to perfect super soft feet.

Callus Peel | £33 - 25 MINS
Callus Peel with Express Pedicure | £55 - 55 MINS