Specialist Treatments

Specialist Treatments
Administered by Doctors/Jane Potter (Please call for clinic dates)

Consultations with Jane Potter (over 25 years experience) | £25 - 30 MINS
Cosmetic surgery advice, referrals, specialist skin diagnosis and suggested treatments

Veins/Skin Tags | £75
Includes full consultation with Jane Potter and where necessary a G.P. referral. (Legs cannot be treated – treatment referral Sclerotherapy, Laser Surgery etc).


Deep Glycolic Acid/Retinol Peel 40%, 70% or 90%
40% | £55  •  70% | £60  •  90% | £70
Suitable for oily skins, scar tissue, hyper-pigmentation, dull, photo-aging, U.V damaged, lined skins or simply for age prevention. Differing strengths available depending on your skin type.

Specialist clinical information brochure on peels, clinics and guidance for personal professional advice, please referred directly to Jane.

Cosmetic Enhancement | Prices from £270
Administered by Doctors/Jane Potter (Please call for clinic dates). Please call the salon where you will be referred to Jane Potter, a clinical specialist, to discuss suggested treatments and clinic dates.

Botox - A purified toxin to reduce muscular tension in lines and wrinkles – safe non-surgical procedure.
Filler Clinics - (variety of fillers) -Gel like substances to plump, fill lines, folds and creases
Paris Lip - A lip enhancement to create a fuller pout.

*The above treatments are administered by a cosmetic surgeon

Gift Vouchers cannot be used for any treatments on this page.